How to Setup Indoor Virtual Workouts

with TrainerRoad

Equipment needed

How Virtual Workouts Works

  • You will need the TRAINERROAD App installed and updated on your computer.
  • Each session will last 60-90 minutes depending on the focus of the workout, there will be optional add on longer Endurance classes on weekends once a month.
  • You will get a code or RSVP link via email when you register for a class.
  • Be sure to check your computer prior to the class time as the TRAINERROAD App is doing a lot of updates on the computer to help with any bugs with group workouts.
  • I will be playing music through the class via Spotify, if you want your own music you can feel free to play it with headphones, but I suggest having one ear available to hear my cues as I will be cueing and coaching throughout the workout.
  • Each class will begin with a welcome and I will describe the workout for the day as we warm up. Each workout will have a specific physiological purpose with coaching during the class provided by me or one of the coaches at Linton Horner Coaching.
  • All the workouts are written by me and based on a physiologically based periodization to improve your power, efficiency on the bike and overall fitness.