Virtual Workouts

Come join our virtual cycling community!


High Intensity Interval Workout

6:15am | 1hr | Cody Peterson
9:00am | 1hr | Anne Linton
5:30pm | 1hr | Jen Luebke




Sweet Spot Interval Workout

6:15am | 1hr | Cody Peterson
9:00am | 1.5hr | Anne Linton
5:30pm | 1hr | Jen Luebke


*Starting in November*
9:00am Saturday Endurance Progressive Series | 1.5-3hr | Anne Linton


*Starting in November*
9:00am Sunday Endurance | 1.5hr | Jen Luebke

*Please note: class may be canceled if less than 3 people are registered. **All class times are in PST

Our classes are a great way to get in a virtual workout while staying connected to other cyclists from the safety and comfort of your own home. We offer group cycling workouts delivered virtually via the TrainerRoad App

These virtual workouts not only will help get you fit and stay fit they provide an opportunity to CONNECT in REAL TIME with REAL PEOPLE. You can talk to each other during the workout, you get live feedback from our coaches during the workout and we play music during the workout to keep you motivated. And for those on the monthly unlimited plan with the TrainerRoad group workout feature and our library of over 200 plus custom workouts you can do a group workout anytime with anyone who has the Trainer Road app. The workouts are written by Coach Anne and will be used for all online cycling classes following a periodized schedule over the course of the fall and winter months. These personalized workouts are tailored to your particular training zones and needs. These workouts are great for any level of cyclist from fitness enthusiast to racer and are guaranteed to get you stronger for your spring and summer season.

What You Get with Your Workouts

  • Live coaching during the workouts and post workout analysis for all rides if you sign up for a Today’s Plan account and link Linton Horner Coaching to your account.
  • Free web based training account with Today’s Plan  for all rides, premium account for those on the monthly plan
  • Access to our Private Team in the TrainerRoad app which includes all workouts in the 20 week program week period plus another 200 + workouts written by Anne in the TrainerRoad App for those on a monthly plan. You can also get a monthly subscription to the workouts for $25/month
  • By joining you will be part of a COMMUNITY so you don’t have to do it alone. You can invite other members to do group workouts with you at any time with the TrainerRoad app.
  • Strength Training for those on the Base Building Monthly plan will include a home gym based functional strength training program desgined by ACSM Certified Personal Trainer Coach Anne Linton



$ 179
  • Unlimited Monthly Group Workouts
  • Home Gym Functional Strength Program
  • Cost $179/month plus $35 set up fee

Monthly Unlimited

$ 159

  • Unlimited Monthly Group Workouts
  • Cost $159/month plus $35 set up fee

Meet Our Coaches

Our Virtual Cycling classes are taught by a wonderful group of instructors who all have extensive racing experience. Click on a coach’s photo to learn more about them!

Anne Linton
Anne Linton
cody Peterson
Jen Luebke
Paul Bourcier

Cycling Testimonials

What You Need for Virtual Cycling Workouts

Indoor Virtual Training Natasha
Indoor Wahoo Kickr Workouts

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Virtual Workout Schedule 


6:15 AM 1 hour Coach Cody Peterson

9:00 AM 1 hour Coach Anne Linton

5:30 PM 1 hour Coach Jen Luebke


6:15 AM 1 hour Coach Cody Peterson
9:00 AM 1.5 hours Coach Anne Linton
5:30 PM 1 hour Coach Jen Luebke


1.5-3 hours Coach Anne Linton


1.5 hours Coach Jen Luebke

* scheduled coach may change due to illness or vacation 

Once you register for a class or purchase a package please be sure to register for an account with Acuity  where you will be able to access your schedule and any appointments with Linton Horner Coaching